B1 Collection

Partnered with Astro lighting, I was asked to design a collection of lighting solutions for a hotel suite. Astro's design ethos has stayed the same since they started, "Good design demands simplicity" therefore the products being designed had to fit within this ethos.


The final outcome of this brief was a collection containing a floor, desk, wall and pendant light. 


The design of this light is very simple and has a minimal aesthetic to it, the main aspects of this design are the geometric attributes within both the shade and neck. The shade of the product is a complicated part due to it having die-casted fixings within the shade and an injection moulded diffuser, due to this the same sized shade and diffuser has been designed to be used across the whole collection. Another advantage to this is it allows Astro to continue and expand the collection by switching up the bodies of each product.

Astro portfolio4.jpg
Astro portfolio6_edited.jpg