Hi, I'm Jake


By nature I am a self-motivated, enthusiastic person that enjoys to get on with and focus on the task at hand. Due to my University degree I am capable of producing a final prototype / product with documentation showing my design process as well as relevant presentations to show clients.


I enjoy working on personal projects as well as the briefs I receive from clients at work, at the moment these projects revolve around furniture design as it is an area of design I am interested in and want to learn more about. Currently I am focusing on developing my product visual skills by using Keyshot as a tool to produce lifelike imagery which showcases the design and function of a product.


In my spare time, I enjoy keeping up to date with artists, photographers, music artist, fashion trends through Instagram as well as regularly posting my own imagery to my personal and design account. Due to my upbringing and working within a kitchen throughout my degree, I enjoy cooking and making both tasty and visually appealing food. Travelling, visiting places, or going to local green spaces is another of my hobbies, fresh air and nature is good for the soul and helps to relax.