This project was inspired by the lighting brand Gantri, this company produce 3D printed lighting solutions making them fully sustainable products. Due to the versatility of using 3D printing as a manufacturing method a large range of their products have obscure and interesting designs and forms 


For my product I have combined both a tray and a soft area light allowing a user to place any pocket items such as; keys, pens, change and glasses at the base of the light. The overall form and construction has been designed to fit within the brands, Gantri, aesthetic  

This product is ready to be printed to create a working model and will be once Covid-19 has been resolved.

Pocket items.

The idea behind this project was to create a lighting solution which could also allow a user to place pocket items such as, Glasses, keys, wallet so there aren't laying around and become misplaced. The light would ideal be placed within a hallway near a front door, desk or bed side.



I have developed this product further to have a lantern feature. The light would be easily removed allowing the user to carry the light around via the handle and place anywhere to provide light, there would be a battery placed within the top cap to store power and is rechargeable through the main base. 

This feature isn't part of the final concept due to Gantri using a dimmer switch which is used across their products as well as the overall build for the products is simple and I believed this overcomplicated the design for the brand.