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Passion To Inspire.

Website Design



Passion to Inspire is a non profit organization based within the catering industry, alone they have raised over £15,000 for a range of charities. They also work with colleges, employers and producers to help give the next generation of the hospitality industry the best chance of success.




The client wanted a simple website to allow students and lecturers to visit it as a 'Hub' for them to view upcoming and past competitions and events, any recent news within the industry as well as an area showing students how to format and how to apply to nobs through their partner company First Contact Chefs.



A range of sketches for the clients desired webpages were completed with notes further explaining and showing the client the design of each section. These ideas were then taken to WIX website maker to create a prototype of the website. This was helpful as it brought the designs to life and allowed the client to get a real feel for the website.


I am overall pleased with the outcome of this project. Web Design was something relatively new to me and trying something different was challenging. The client is also pleased with the outcome of the Website as the design and layout of it covers the major 'want' points listed by the client



The final design of the website is currently live and is active since the launch, the website has a handful of design changes and tweaks since being live with areas being improved from any feedback received however the overall design was a success.

A big part of the new website for A Passion to Inspire was the events and competition archive, here a view was able to go through all the events that passion has put on or been involved with such as, zest quest Asia, The Dirty Dozen and more.


Each event has information on the event from the original press release and photos from the event.


I am also a photographer for A Passion to Inspire, this involves me going to events across the country, meeting the people behind the scenes and sharing imagery on social media.


My imagery has also been featured on The Caterer Magazine.